Welcome to the totally redesigned Eastern Missouri Police Academy website! We are excited to provide you with this new and improved resource to learn more about our basic training program as well as our continuing education training. We also have basic and continuing education training for the security sector. Plus, our website is now mobile ready which makes browsing our website on your mobile device or tablet a breeze.

Can you rise to our standards? We can provide you with the opportunities to become a part of a police force where you can earn the chance for special assignment in the future by preparing yourself to meet the exciting challenges of a Professional Law Enforcement Career

Our Mission
“To develop police officer recruits morally, mentally, and physically. To instill within them the highest ideals of integrity, justice, courage, and commitment in order to produce graduates who are dedicated to a career of police service and who have the potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of citizenship, public service, and community protection.”